Westchester Appoints Acting President, Honors Late President Perry 

Trustee Nick Steker, who was appointed the new acting village president, during a board meeting on Jan. 6. | File

Thursday, January 6, 2021 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

The Westchester village board has selected an acting president and village officials are still rolling out tributes in the wake of village President Frank Perry’s death on Dec. 22. 

During a special meeting on Jan. 6, the board voted unanimously to appoint Trustees Nick Steker to serve as acting village president.  

Steker has been a Westchester trustee for 12 years. In 2019, he was appointed deputy village president based on Perry’s recommendation, a board member said Thursday. Before becoming a village trustee, Steker served on the Westchester library board. 

Matthew Welch, the village’s attorney, said Steker will still hold his trustee seat while serving as acting president. 

“The trustee seat is not vacant and he will continue to vote as a trustee,” Welch said, adding that Steker “will have the executive authority as the acting president.” 

During brief comments shortly after the board vote, Steker, fighting back tears, vowed to continue Perry’s “vision of a better Westchester.” 

“Frank was our friend and leader, but it was never just about him — he wouldn’t have it that way,” Steker said. “We know what we started. The map has been drawn, but we all played a part [in drawing it].” 

During the Jan. 6 meeting, the village board also voted unanimously on a resolution honoring Perry’s life and Westchester Village Administrator Paul Nosek announced that the village has created a new vehicle sticker for next year in memory of Perry. 

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