Maywood Board Approves Temporary Business Moratorium, Fee Hikes, Tobacco Commission, Zoning Changes

A fast-food restaurant in Maywood. | File 

Thursday, November 3, 2022 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

During a public hearing on Nov. 1, the Maywood village board approved a series of measures designed to strengthen the village’s ability to regulate certain businesses in town. 

The board voted 5-1 in favor of recommending the approval of an ordinance establishing a 180-day moratorium on the issuance of any licenses for the operation of new barbershops, hair salons, nail shops, special event spaces, tobacco shops and fast food restaurants in the village. 

The board had tried to implement a similar moratorium earlier this year but that measure failed for lack of votes. Village officials have argued that putting the brakes on issuing new licenses for the above establishments will allow them time to create a local regulatory framework governing how many of the businesses can operate in town and where they can locate, among other issues. 

Angela Smith, the village’s community development director, said she and her team, along with the village’s plan and zoning commission, will conduct reviews and analysis over the coming months and are “definitely shooting to be under that 180 days.” 

Maywood Trustee Isiah Brandon, who voted against the proposed moratorium in March, also voted against the most recent proposal. Trustee Aaron Peppers, who voted no last time, voted in favor of recommending the most recent proposed moratorium ordinance. Trustee Miguel Jones, who also voted against the first proposal, was not at the Nov. 1 public hearing. 

Mayor Nathaniel George Booker said the village has been inundated by tobacco shops and event popup shops that have opened with little to no regulatory oversight or feedback from village officials. 

The mayor said three event popup shops have opened along 5th Avenue within the past 12 months that “opened as private event spaces under the ordinance of a banquet hall that certainly weren’t banquet halls. 

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“The question becomes do we want to become a village that has 10 storefronts with private popup shops? 

The village board also voted unanimously to create a Joint Commission for Tobacco and Cannabis Regulations and Licensing. 

Village officials have explained that the commission would regulate businesses seeking licenses to operate cigar, hookah and cannabis shops in much the same way that the liquor commission regulates the issuance of liquor licenses.

In addition, the board unanimously decided to increase certain business license and registration fees for 2023. Acting Village Manager Jim Krischke explained in an Oct. 24 memo that he recommended that all business license and registration fees with a value of less than $100 be increased to no more than $100. 

Krischke said the fees have not been increased in 18 years and that, “after conducting an analysis of certain fees charged by [Maywood] in comparison to neighboring municipalities, in many cases,” Maywood fees are much less.

Board approves zoning change for small business

During the Nov. 1 meeting, the village board also paved the way for a small business to relocate to another facility in town.

The board approved a series of zoning changes required to allow businesswoman Tori Garron to operate Your Game Room, an indoor recreation facility at 1115 Madison St. in Maywood. The business had previously been located at 1007 S. 17th Ave. but shortly after opening began to have problems with the building. 

Garron, who has also owned and operated a small candy store and hair salon for children at 1007 S. 17th Ave. since 2017, plans to relocate the candy store to the 1115 Madison St. location, as well. 

Your Game Room has a range of gaming systems on hand for kids, including Xbox and Playstation systems. There are also board games available. The facility is strictly for young people 18 and under and no smoking or alcohol is tolerated, according to the findings of fact submitted to the village’s plan and zoning commission.

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