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Lindop D92 To Explore Forming New PTA

Lindop Elementary School District 92 in Broadview is looking to establish an officially certified PTA. | File 

Friday, October 20, 2023 || By Community Editor || michael@wearejohnwilk.com 

Lindop Elementary School District 92 officials are exploring the formation of an officially certified Lindop Parent Teachers Association (PTA).

District officials will host a town hall coffee meeting on Saturday, Oct. 21, 9 to 10 a.m., to discuss the feasibility of a PTA, officials announced in a recent statement.

“As the superintendent of Lindop School District, I firmly believe that establishing an authorized Lindop Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is not just a choice, but a crucial necessity,” Lindop 92 Supt. Dr. Janiece Jackson said in that statement. “A strong PTA forms the backbone of our educational community, fostering collaboration and engagement between parents, teachers, and students.”

According to the statement, Lindop once had a parent-teacher-student organization but it was discontinued due to a lack of active member participation. The superintendent said she believes a certified PTA will have more resources and support to ensure Lindop’s local PTA is sustainable.

Lindop District 92 Board of Education President Aaron Hannah said he supports an officially certified PTA, adding that it’s “akin to laying the foundation of a strong and resilient educational community. A certified PTA ensures transparency, accountability, and the efficient functioning of our PTA, which in turn enhances our ability to provide the best possible support and resources for our students.”

District 92 officials are encouraging all parents in the district to attend Saturday’s meeting.

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