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Maywood Officials Seek To Clamp Down On Loud Parties In Village

Lillie Plaza in Maywood, located on the 900 block of South 5th Avenue in Maywood. Residents said there have been a rash of noise complaints coming from an event space located within the Plaza. | File 

Sunday, November 7, 2021 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Maywood village officials are looking to clamp down on loud parties across the village, which multiple people acknowledged at a Nov. 3 Committee of the Whole meeting as a widespread problem in town. 

During the meeting’s public comments section, resident Mary “May” Larry complained about the noise often heard coming from Lillie Plaza Apartments — a multi-unit apartment complex with retail on the ground floor and that’s located on the 900 block of South 5th Avenue in Maywood. 

“This level of music goes on during the weekends between 5 p.m. and [2 a.m.],” Larry said. “This level of music and noise should be prohibited. It should be unlawful … This music is unreasonable, loud and reckless.” 

Larry alluded specifically to “a licensed beauty salon or a nightclub” at 905A 5th Avenue and 901B 5th Avenue, which are both located on the ground floor of Lillie Plaza. 

When contacted on Sunday morning, Precious Brown, the owner of Precious Designs, a hair salon at 905A 5th Ave., said Larry is likely referencing an event space that’s located within the Plaza. Brown said she’s completely unaffiliated with the event space located a few doors down from her. 

“I don’t even know the name of the event space, so I’m trying to figure out how I got linked into this,” Brown said, adding that people may be targeting her salon as the source of the noise because of its visibility. 

“The event space doesn’t have a picture on the window. It’s just blank and black. My salon has a logo on it and everything,” she said. “My salon doesn’t have a lot of noise. We’re not even open or active on Sunday and Monday.” 

Brown added that ever since the event space opened, there have been complaints about noise. She said she doesn’t know the name of the establishment or the owner. 

There is no signage outside of the event space, but a Google search turned up a business named Events Unlimited Chicago whose Instagram page features a flyer that shows 901 S. 5th Ave., Suite B, in Maywood, as its address. The flyer says that the business is open from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. A call made Sunday afternoon to the number on the flyer went unanswered and the voicemail box wasn’t set up yet. 

During Wednesday’s meeting, Maywood Mayor Nathaniel George Booker said the event space in Lillie Plaza was approved by the previous administration. 

“That did not come before this board, our new village manager or community development,” Booker said. “That had to go through a construction process and an approval process for it to be open right now. That didn’t come through this current administration. I was advised it did get a banquet hall license, but it doesn’t have a liquor license.” 

Trustee Isiah Brandon said he knows “for sure they are having parties at this place,” adding that he also has witnessed cars “lined up and down” 5th Avenue near an auto sales business located within the plaza on the 500 block of South 5th Avenue. 

“This is happening across the village of Maywood,” he said, referencing the party spaces before adding that he doesn’t recall the auto sales business “getting a banquet license or a liquor license.” 

Maywood Police Chief Elijah Willis told board members on Nov. 3 that the village has “been dealing with this for a while and yes, some establishments are coming to Maywood saying one thing and doing something else.” 

Willis said the event space in Lillie Plaza was cited twice for loud music over the weekend preceding the Nov. 3 board meeting. 

“We’re trying to make it a chronic nuisance if that continues,” the chief said. 

Willis added that the police department has been working in collaboration with Community Development Director Angela Smith, the code department and the fire department to be more proactive with respect to ensuring that businesses seeking to locate in the village comply with local codes and ordinances. 

Mayor Booker urged residents who have complaints about noise and other issues to input those complaints into the village’s MyCivic app, which they can download on their Android smartphones through Google Play and on their Apple iPhones through the App Store. 

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