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Aaron Canino

Local artist Aaron Canino champions Proviso architecture and design

February 15, 2023 || By Jill Wagner ||

While studying algebra and geometry at Triton College to become an architect Aaron Canino realized he needed to pivot from making buildings to making art of buildings, roads, and the spaces that he called home.

Raised in Hillside, he has fond memories of his art classes taught by Ms. Zeman at Hillside District 93, but it was his junior and senior year at Proviso West that had the greatest impact on his live. “My Art 1 and 2 classes taught by Jerry Jenkins introduced me to the basics of perspective and I was like, wow, I can do this. Mr. Jenkin’s not only encouraged me, he pushed me to practice more and challenged me to show my art at an art show we had at West.”

Clearly with an eye for form and relationship of spaces, Canino’s patience and attention for detail is a hallmark of his work. Canino went to Triton College initially to study architecture but his passion for sketching and willingness to take chances to let his techniques develop, his goal became simply, “ to keep bettering myself and challenge myself in art.”

He now finds a quiet space to observe and identify the right space and angle to sit and draw. “I do have a learning disability, and everything I accomplish is more meaningful because of that.” After achieving his associates of art at Triton, Canino was granted a scholarship to Elmhurst University to continue to study art.

His work initially started locally, focused on the iconic buildings and spaces that make up Hillside, Bellwood, Maywood and other Proviso neighborhoods. His early sketches are of schools, bridges, overpasses, local homes, as well as familiar iconic restaurants and local business. As his work has developed he finds inspiration in the architecture of Chicago, with its broad buildings, lines and angles. In addition, Canino has discovered the interplay of images from the past and sometimes blends them with the present in collages and recreating scenes that bring the past to life. “Thinking outside the box and combining the past and present creates conversations and interesting stories.”

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Moving from the ruler and pencil perspective drawings to acrylic paintings, he started taking his works of art to the community to share his vision of Proviso. “I was doing an art show at Hillside Summer Night when Donald Wolff (co-owner of Wolff’s Flea Market in Rosemont) came to my booth and said he liked my art and asked me if I would be interested in being a vendor at the Wolff’s Flea Market.” Canino took him up on the offer and began producing special collages and community specific artwork to share with community leaders. He pounded the pavement to share his passion with village and community leaders who shared his passion for the local communities.

After his initial success and feedback from Mayor Andre Harvey of Bellwood, Canino went to his hometown Mayor Joseph Tamburino, who was so impressed with his work “he even commissioned a piece inspired by the Chicago White Sox.” With his confidence growing from praise for his canvases, Canino continued “beyond my comfort zone and try to show the best talent I have.”

With warm receptions from Mayor Ron Serpico (Melrose Park), Mayor Brad Stephens (Rosemont), Mayor Nathaniel G. Booker (Maywood), Mayor Katrina Thompson (Broadview), Mayor Rory Hoskins (Forest Park), Speaker of the Illinois House Emanuel “Chris” Welch, Cong. Danny K. Davis and Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker his art is now a part of the walls and halls of many local villages.

“I am grateful for all the positive feedback I get on my social media pages, that encouragement keeps me going and makes me want to meet more high profile leaders. I just like doing something for the community, meeting people who take the time to listen to me.”

Aaron Canino’s work is currently showing at the Village of Hillside in honor of Black History Month and will be on display at the Maywood Library in the first week of March.

His work is also featured year round on the National Arts Program as well as on Instagram

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