On Being Black And Policed

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 || By Michael Romain || OPINION || @maywoodnews  I still shudder at the memory of my most terrifying encounter with the police. I was in Maywood visiting my best friend. At the time, I was living in Peoria and had grown homesick, so I drove the two hours for a trip that was supposed to be […]

Bellwood Police Investigating June 16 Homicide

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews  The Bellwood Police Department is investigating a homicide that happened on Tuesday, police announced in a June 17 press release. The fatal shooting happened on June 16, when officers responded at approximately 11:44 p.m., to calls of shots fired and a gunshot victim located at 428 S. 24th Ave., where […]